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North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic

North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic

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Here we are not dealing just with a trip or a journey. For many people in the world this may represent the dream of their life, a trip where all their long time love just began, the cradle of all our music: the Blues. We are working to make these dreams come true, our plan it realizing some special trips, dedicated to all the kind of aspects of this music, specifically built with attention to the smallest details. All European tourists once in their life will go to the United States; Travel For Fans will organize some trips, mainly in the Southern States, to discover the places, the culture, sensations made of landscapes, tastes and perfumes, that have been dreamed from old records, even before than movies and books since childhood. We will concentrate on the father of all modern music: the Blues,  and all his different flavours, like Soul, R&B, Country, Bluegrass, Old Time, Zydeco and Jazz  that all together gave birth to the Rock. We will bring people there where all began, and where the long and hard journey to our actual days really started. Here you will find some projects we developed, that you will be able to live with your motorbike or car, following all our suggestions that will help you to reach places no one else could drive you through! Our main goal is to not let this music die, and to bring European music lovers close to their fantasy and heroes, even if it means just touching with their own hand the grave of Robert Johnson. North Hill Mississippi Country Picnic This journey will guide you to the North Mississippi Hill Country, a place famous for the many bluesmen that lived there, from R.L. Burnside to David J. Kimbrough, from Mississippi Fred McvDowell to Otha Turner. Don’t miss a unique experience, the North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic, also known as Kenny Brown’s Hill Country Picnic, that is grown from the past and includes now (a must for musicians) also Guitar Workshops with real local bluesmen. This tour includes also visits to the tombs of the most famous blues musicians in history,  most of them born in Mississippi, and buried there. In this tour...

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